Reflecting our commitment to natural beauty, our Spa Treatments uses CosmEthìc – a line of next generation cosmeceutical products. Thanks to very rich and pure active ingredients our product line Cosmethic and our exclusive work procedures, allows you to achieve the right dimension of wellness and results.

_ About CosmEthìc _


For those on-the-go who want to brighten and clarify their skin tone. This Express but thorough facial treatment will cleanse, exfoliate and revitalise your skin in just 40 minutes.  you’ll experience a treatment that leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and revitalised. Does not include steam & extraction.

NGN 17,200

Designed to address hyperpigmentation, this facial uses revolutionary products with mandelic acid, vitamins and antioxidants specific to reduce dark spots and sun damaged skin. Skin looks bright, healthy, luminous and skin tone is more even. Ideal treatment to prep your skin for events.

NGN 19,500

Calming and healing for those who experience redness and irritation. Protects and rebalances skin integrity and is ideal for those with hypersensitive skin, couperose or rosacea.

NGN 19,500

This superficial mandelic acid peel helps to reduce the appearance of sun damaged skin, dark spots, evens out skin tone, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture, stimulates collagen growth, and helps reduce scarring from acne. Our peel is derived from natural sources and is very gentle so you can expect no redness or irritation. 

NGN 26,300

This ultra-hydrating facial that gives skin a plumper, smoother appearance. Hyaluronic acid quenches parched skin instantly and holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water so it can bind moisture to skin, cushioning your skin from environmental stress and dehydration.

NGN 19,500

Pore minimising and purifying facial! Thoroughly cleanses, balances, and softens combination, oily and acne-prone complexions.

NGN 19,500

A line of products and a treatment program that, through exclusive formulas, guarantees strategic action indispensable in deep cleansing, detoxifying and purifying acneic skin.

NGN 25,800

A unique treatment for an often-neglected area that provides a targeted approach to the visible signs of aging. This intensive anti-aging treatment combines exclusive techniques for lasting results and improving skin contour and texture. It includes a puffiness and dark-circle reducing eye mask, lifting neck & face serum and specialized lymphatic-drainage massage.

NGN 25,800

This revitalising anti age facial, specially formulated for men’s thicker skin, significantly diminishes wrinkles, lines and other signs of aging. 

NGN 19,500


A soothing and relaxing body massage, using warm nourishing aromatic essential oils blended in with the so called golden gift of Africa. Shea butter has shown to have not only anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties but also is known to have skin firming, nurturing and moisturising properties. Our shea butter ritual is based on 100% organic shea butter and soothing essential oils.

NGN 17,200

This relaxing Swedish massage will ease you into an indulging state of mind. Through long, even strokes you will experience improved blood circulation, it will boost the immune system by decreasing muscle toxins and easy away tension.

NGN 10,700 / NGN 17,200

A deep tissue body massage designed to relieve specific stressed muscles, usually in the back, neck, arms, and legs. The therapist focuses on the inner layers of muscle tissue to change the muscle fibers, by unknotting and lengthening them. As the name implies, pressure is usually more intense to reach deeper layers of skin tissues.

NGN 19,700

Ideal for women after their first trimester. It enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone. Our sweet almond bio oil nourishes the skin and is great in preventing stretch marks. 

NGN 16,300

This relaxing massage with aromatherapy helps ease away the stress of your day. By using quality, nourishing essential oils and incorporating a style that uses long, flowing motions and kneading to firmly but gently apply pressure, this classic form of massage improves circulation and eases muscle tension.

NGN 17,200

Thai pressure point massage therapy increases energy flow in the body, boosts circulation, and improves flexibility and your range of motion.

NGN 17,200

A basic therapeutic tension relieve massage helps to improve joint and muscular flexibility. Massage techniques deriver from a variety of massage styles and your therapist will tailor your massage techniques depending on your needs. This type of massage focuses more on the back, neck and shoulder area. Athletes and office workers will benefit the most from this massage.

NGN 19,700 / NGN 30,000

Indian head is the ideal stress busting treatment from anyone who is suffereing from aching shoulders, a tight neck, tension headache, eye strain, insomnia, or poor concentration. Using warm heated oil and specific movements the scalp and head is massaged to ease out any tension. 

NGN 10,700

This relaxing back, neck, shoulder and head massage is ideal to relieve pain, tension and induce relaxation and well-being.

NGN 12,000


A full body scrub based on salts from the Dead Sea and premium plant oils enriched with algae and green tea extract designed to gently exfoliate your skin, revealing the radiant skin you never knew you had. Discover the difference this simple step can make on your journey to healthier skin.

NGN 16,500

This amazingly hydrating and fresh coconut and lime body exfoliation treatment works on both skin and soul to reveal a youthful and healthy glow.

NGN 15,000

A delicate exfoliation treatment that smoothes and purifies. Thanks to its gentle action, skin is softened, luminous and more receptive to any treatment given afterwards. 

NGN 15,000


This comprehensive cellulite treatment includes a sea salt body exfoliation and a concentrated full body mud that will relieve congestion in tissues and firm the body. You will then be wrapped in a warm cocoon while the mud firms and diminishes the appearance of cellulite, followed by a detoxifying steam bath.

NGN 25,800

This thermal, seaweed-based marine body mud helps to release congestion and nourish tissue, decreasing pain and improving mobility. The detoxifying and mineral-restoring action of the sea salts and mud, together with stimulation from the essential oils, guarantees intense draining and mobilising activity of the body.

NGN 17,500

Renew both body and mind with this innovative body contouring and sculpting treatment. Precious Laminaria Alga, particularly rich in active substances, is the basic component in this luxurious thalasso-therapy treatment for slimming and body contouring action, where it helps regulate lipid and cell metabolism and intensely stimulates circulation.

NGN 25,800

This cooling and revitalizing leg treatment hydrates tired legs, eases muscular tension, and reactivates micro-circulation. This special formula and method, guarantees rapid firming action, helps relieve congestion in tissues, eliminates swelling and soreness in the legs, with a positive effect on fragile capillaries and varicose veins.

NGN 17,500

This nourishing seaweed based leg wrap fortifies the body with a quick-absorbing serum for slimming and draining action while its high concentration of natural active ingredients helps reducing the appearance of cellulite, and promoting weight loss. We recommend to combine this treatment with our Thalasso slimming and reshaping body treatment.

NGN 18,000


Add a refreshing cooling facial mask to your beauty service.

It can’t be over! Ask to extend your massage by 15 more minutes (schedule permitting).

Enjoy a relaxing and soothing foot exfoliation scrub prior your beauty service.

Steam baths help to remove toxins from the skin, are popular for soothing skin, relieving tension and muscle pain.